Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here we go......yet again

Is it a full moon this week?
Are you sure?
It really seems like it is.
It seems as though one thing after another just keeps going wrong. From me getting sick, to the apartment complex "forgetting" (again) to clean our carpets, to scheduling craziness at work. It just seems like things aren't going Micki's way.
Well they better get back on track here pretty soon.
While watching the Olympics with J and our friend Drew the night before last I noticed I had a little scratchy throat thing going on. So, I went to bed early hoping to head off any impending cold. But no. When I woke up in the morning it was full on sore throat, stuffy nose, red eyed hell.
Then I had to go to work.
I'll be starting school this weekend and I have yet to even start my homework. Well...scratch that..I've printed off articles and checked out magazines to do my homework. But I haven't put pen to paper on anything. Is this how it's going to be all semester? Probably.
At least my week has not been as bad as this young woman's,
Really, Grafton Wisconsin Public Library?
I hope that I look that happy if I ever have to have a mug shot.
My only saving grace today are these wonderful young boys that come into the library pretty regularly. Brothers, they have to be between 5 and 7. But they have the cutest LOW baritone voices. Like they're 60 year old men. Someday I'll record their voices for posterity.
In knitting land:
I am desperately needing a new knitting project. A sweater. I need yarn though.
How to get yarn? hmm....maybe robbing a bank. Or begging J until he's so totally sick of me :)
If I had yarn though there would be the problem of actually picking out a pattern. I want something with a little pizzaz. Hopefully the fall edition of will come out and have a wonderful pattern. Can I wait that long?

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