Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week #6 - Delicious - Technorati - 2.0 Discussions

I'm not going to lie....delicious is pretty cool.

I can bookmark all of those interesting/weird/wild/crazy websites or articles that only I would enjoy. And maybe some other people in this big world.

So I've started one.

It just seems to be another one of those 2.0 tools that I think are a great idea and I really want to use. But in the long run, will it actually work for me?

I can see that it would be really good for people who are collecting articles for a project or for research. You know...like high school debate kids. Or people who just like to collect weird things.
I don't think it replaced my bookmark list on my browser though. I usually use that to remember shopping sites that I like or the web pages that I use for school.

And my feed reader has taken over the job of keeping track of the blogs I follow.

I guess I'm just not sure how much I will use delicious...but I can see how it will prove to be helpful with somethings.

Well, thanks to Technorati I have added a few more blogs to Google Reader...so what does that put me at now..hmmm way to many it seems.

I was able to find things that I liked pretty easily but the site itself was a little funny. There were a few different ways to search for blogs. CONFUSING!
I think it would be helpful if I was really really into reading lots of blogs or see what is new in the blogosphere...but I'm not really.

Library 2.0 Discussions -
In my opinion libraries in the next ten years will be expected to do a lot more with a lot less money. And one of the ways that we will be able to reach more people and do more for them is through the web.
Libraries are expected to not only keep up with the current technology but to be a head of the curve. We need to start now if we want to continue to reach people (especially youth). There are a lot of libraries out there doing a good job but there are many more who aren't doing anything with web 2.0.
I think its imporant to all of us to make an effort. It keeps us relevant

1. Take a look at Technorati and try doing various keyword searches in the different search areas. Do you get different results depending on where you search?
2. Explore popular blog, searches and tags. Is anything interesting or surprising in your results?
3. Create a blog post about your discoveries on this site.
OPTIONAL: If you're up for a challenge, learn how to tag your posts by with Technorati tags so they can join tag searches. Create a post about something. It can be anything you want and add the HTML code to the bottom to tag it as “PLCMCL2.” You may also want to consider claiming your blog and creating a watchlist.
NOTE: When adding HTML code, you'll want to make sure you're in Blogger's Edit HTML window.

1. Read some of the perspectives on Library 2.0 from the list above.
2. Create a blog post about your thoughts on Library 2.0 - It's many things to many people. What does it mean to you?

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