Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week #8 - Web-based Apps, Library 2.0

Google Docs -
Especially helpful for downloading documents on your Google email and saving them for later (this really helps when I just can't find that email I was looking for). I have a few things on Google docs. Here's one I've been using. It's a list of the days and day #'s for my 365 project. It really helps me keep track of the day that I'm on (I really don't want to mess anything up!)
The one problem I've seen so far with Google Docs is that they just aren't as robust as the Microsoft (or even OpenOffice) version.
Example - in the spreadsheet above, it would not let me go over 100 rows. So, I couldn't get the whole project on one sheet!
Kind of dissapointing...I think it Google Docs were more robust in this way I would be much more inclined to use them all of the time.
I've made a full version of the list on a Microsoft spreadsheet but it would be nice to be able to have it anywhere.

I really think that Google docs would be great if you happened to not have a flash drive with you somewhere. But I really haven't had a chance to use it like that yet.

More Web 2.0 -
One of the sites that I was very excited to see inthe Web 2.0 Awards was Pandora. I love this site! Not only does it have all the kinds of music I love (mostly indie-pop/rock) but it will also recomend to me other artists similar to the ones I already like and gives me a chance to sample some of their work.
Now the bad thing about Pandora is that it really is a Radio station. You cannot decide what plays next, you can only skip a few songs every hour, and I find these things very limiting. I like Pandora when I am working or working on homework and I am not really paying too much attention to what I am listening to. It's great for background noise but it doesn't replace my iTunes.

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