Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week #9 - YouTube, Podcasts, Media/Book Downloads

Of course I love YouTube

I've posted so many YouTube videos on this blog already

But just to humor you all, I will post another (and maybe this time it will be more educational!).

The thing I really love YouTube for is the educational/DIY type of videos. Obviously some of them are really good and some are horrible but I am almost always able to find what I have been looking for.

Example -

Just a few weeks ago my friend Mandy and I decided we wanted to make crab rangoons for Jon and Sean but we had no idea what we were doing.

So we looked on YouTube and found this video:

It worked like charm. Gai (or Kai in some of his videos) not only gave us a recepie but step by step instructions for making the crab rangoons.

They turned out great!

Podcasts -

Now, I've been subscribing to podcasts on and off for a while. Well pretty much since I got my first iPod about 5 years ago.

Right now I've been listening to Car Talk (from NPR) and the KnitPicks podcast (its knitting!)

And I love them both. They're great for long distances and don't get as messy on my iPod as audio books (which never have all of the tracks right!)

I think podcast would be great for recording special events at the library and sharing them with the public (video podcasts would be even better!) or as a kind of tutorial.

Downloadable Media -


This is my number one greatest wish.

Santa, Please bring me Overdrive that works for Christmas. I promise I'll be good for the rest of the year.

Thank you,


I know its all the fault of Apple/Microsoft/the music and audiobook companies but I feel like we are not reaching a lot of our patrons because its not compatable.

I know there are cheap audio players out there. The $40-ish one offered as a prize for this program for example. But I really don't want something else. I want audiobooks on my iPod that I A) don't have to buy them from iTunes or someone else or B) I don't have to physically upload each CD. I don't mind the short lending period, I don't mind downloading new software, I just want it to work with my iPod.

So Santa, please fulfill my request.

And don't even get me started on MyLibraryDV.


Anonymous said...

making me hungry :(

Deirdre said...

Congratulation on finishing! And Santa might grant your wish in the new year -- Overdrive is iPod compatible but now we gotta buy the new format. So it might be a New Year thing.

Keep on learning and exploring and letting us know about what you find.

(How does a knitting podcast work? Knitting seems like such a visual thing that I can't imagine just listening to it).