Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gelato Queen!

So Jon and I were in Whole Foods a few weeks ago and noticed that there was a contest box. And of course I always sign up for those things. The contest was to choose a new gelato flavor for this fall.
I came up with Pear and Balsamic Reduction.
An interesting combination. I felt like it was very Fall-like and therefore had a better chance of winning.
Well today they called me. No I didn't win yet...but I am a finalist!
So, this coming Saturday and Sunday (20 & 21) they will be sampling all of the finalists and you can vote for your favorite.
So get out there and vote for me! (or which ever one you like the best)

1 comment:

Matherita said...

OMG Girl -- I am so proud! I went to Whole Foods and voted on your flavor. Seriously, the Pear and Balsamic Reduction is AMAZING!

Side note -- heading to DC this week and I will be visiting our favorite store H&M!!!