Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week #3 - Flickr - Technology

So here we go with week 3. Time flies when we are having fun right?
Flickr...I think I've got that puppy down too.
Visit me there. You can see all of my 365 Project Pictures all together in one set without having to read the crap that I say about them.
The thing I most love about Flickr though is that I can organize my pictures. When they just sit on my computer unorganized I feel so bad about it. I can't share them...I can't even find them when they're a big jumble on my computer. With Flickr I can organize them in multiple albums and sets and with tags...oh I just love it. And since I have a paid account I can upload my cute little videos too. Like this one I've been dying to share ever since my post about our trip to Minnesota.
And since all I really want for Christmas is a Flip Mino...the video uploads will really help later! (like when we're in Paris!)

The second most thing I love about Flickr is the Creative Commons search. I just love Creative Commons in general but the search is something fantastic. It puts flickr along side other great reasources for Creative Commons protected material.
I use it for all of my stuff...flickr...this blog...the website I'm writing for class...everything!

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