Friday, September 26, 2008

Week #5 - Image Generators - Library Thing - Rollyo

This week seems to be "play week"

Playing with images, library thing, searches, and more
I am now in love with FD's Flickr Toys mostly because it can link directly to my flickr from thier website.
And because they have so many fun toys to play with.

This photo was made with their Hockneyizer tool.
Personally I think David Hockney was a freaking genius so this is right up my alley.

Too bad there's no tool to make your picture into a Japanese woodblock print....something like Hiroshige or Hokusai... then I would be in image generator heaven.

(Jon this would be a great Christmas present) :)

Library Thing -

Although I think Library Thing is a great idea, I don't know that it would be so good for me.
First of all....I have way to many internet things going as it is. I've really taken to Google Reader to read all of my blogs (and I've found like 10 more to read), I've got the whole Ravelry thing going on, Flickr is a bad habbit...and I've got this blog to worry about.
Now that being said.
Library thing is gives you recomendations and keeps track of what you've read. For a voracious reader (unlike myself) I think this would be a great resource. And you can write your own recomendations.
But I have one anyway. Maybe someday I'll really get into it. Just not right now....

Now Rollyo...
I must be a complete idot today...but I have no idea how to use this site.
I've made some search engines..but now what?
How do I use them?
Weird website....

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