Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week #1 - Library 2.0 - Life Time Learning

Now, I work for the Omaha Public Library and we are doing a program called O! What a Geek. I guess the point is to bring the staff up to speed on new and emerging technologies and to get everyone on the same page in regards to the importance of these kinds of things to reaching and serving out constituency.
So we are exploring Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 technologies.
But what does that really mean? To me the whole "2.0" thing seems like just a buzzword (like information literacy...but thats a whole other argument). I feel like it completely unessesary to be throwing these terms around when most people have no idea what they mean. Do we really need a whole seperate term for these things? And what happens when we move on to the next big thing? Will it be 3.0, 4.0? At some point these things are really going to become indistinguisable from one another. And who said when the 2.0 "revolution" started and 1.0 ended? I guess what I am really asking is are we able to use the term "2.0" in any meaningful sort of way? Or is it simply a buzzword?

Well enough of my soapbox ramblings....down to business.

What I am really here to talk about is the first week of O! What a Geek...Life Time Learning.
After taking a look at the recommended slide show it seems to me that to be a life time learner is not too difficult. It simply takes a open and willing state of mind.
One could learn anything; cooking, knitting, and apparently flying a kite. :)
The point is that the effort is being made to learn something and the 7 1/2 habits of effective learners simply supports one's efforts. Being able to clearly identify one's strengths and weaknesses in their learning abilities is a big part of being an effective learner.
I guess the one point I don't understand is why "Play" is only 1/2 of a habit? :)

ETA: Apparently I have forgotten to state which prize I prefered. I think the gift certificate to Best Buy would be best. More possiblilites this way. Thank you.

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